“The most important thing to remember is to always trust yourself. When being far away from your comfort zone, your senses are wide open and sharp, you can trust what you really feel in your deep inside. If a situation or an invitation smells bad, just decline it. Traveling solo doesn’t mean becoming a hero at all, the idea is to enjoy and stay safe.

Try to stay calm and slowly get away from this wrong situation.

South America has very dangerous cities. Most of the time they are not an amazing place to stay and visit but as you will most probably land in a big city, never forget to talk to locals and listen to the way you should behave or where not to go. When walking around you end up in an area you don’t feel ok, do not panic, just listen to yourself and calmly walk out of the place without showing to the others you’re in the wrong spot. Try not to take out your map all the time in the streets and if you have to get mad with a taxi cab driver regarding the price of the route always wait to be outside of the car and with all your belongings before refusing to add some more money for example.

This experience happened to me and my sister in India: the driver got mad because we were not interested in going shopping for some precious stones and he just locked us up in the car and drove like crazy in the middle of the traffic. I really thought we would have to jump out of the car but in the end we arrived at the train station and when being outside of the car just normally start yelling at him! Followed by 4 taxi drivers getting into a fight with our driver at the station. Luckily we both ended up unharmed. Never stay with the fear in your stomach, talk about it and you’ll see similar things happens to other. Never feel ashamed after a bad experience, it can happen to anyone.

As an advice when traveling solo in not very safe places, don’t get to drunk or under other substances and have to walk back home alone. Value your life, it’s precious. If somewhere someone wants to steal or hurt another person, it’s probably gonna happen, but you can manage this person not to be yourself.

Traveling solo opens the door to meet and share deep amazing thing with others. Everything happens very fast and some beautiful moments come out of this meetings. Open yourself to the others and within 2 seconds you’ll be surrounded with great people. Don’t be naive but don’t be scared to open yourself to this beautiful part of traveling.

Without traveling solo and using Couchsurfing I would never have:

  • Ended up on an epic camping weekend in kangaroo county in the middle of nowhere in Australie with a bunch of fabulous people.
  • Met this ex-prisoner in New Zealand who went fishing in the ocean and smoked this fish just for me and told me I had been an inspiration to him.
  • Met some of the people I love the most today and I am always so happy to go visit where they live.

Traveling and meeting people means open a part of yourself faster than usual and take decisions faster than usual. You’ll learn more about yourself by travelling solo 2 weeks than staying 10 years quite at home. Traveling solo is a type that touches the soul, don’t miss the chance to start this journey, you’ll love it..”